Imaginary Media Artists is a design and production studio specializing in the creation and integration of film, animation, and innovative technologies for theater and live events around the world.

IMA artists design collaboratively utilizing complex resources to create world-class theater, dance and film. IMA partners teach workshops throughout the country, and develop and share tools and resources for the entire media design community.


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IMA develops software, including the beta of PDBase, a complete solution to tracking digital assets and cues for projections and live event designers.

IMA is in the final stages of beta testing for our innovative OSC enabled projector dowser.

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Sleep No More's Halloween Party Was Fit For a Pharaoh

Imaginary Media Artists's work featured in Sleep No More's annual Halloween extravaganza. "Sleep No More went all-out with their Halloween party experience,' The Curse Of The Mummy.' The McKittrick hotel was transformed into an Egyptian palace with live performances, multiple rooms of different music, and booze everywhere."

Imaginary Media Artists Bring Transhumanism To The Theater

It’s a busy time for Imaginary Media Artists, a design firm specializing in the creation and integration of film, animation, and live video in theater. Kate Freer just opened Around the World in 80 Days, a play adaptation of the Jules Verne novel, for which her designs received rave reviews. Alex Koch is loading out Pinkolandia by Andrea Thome at Intar Theatre in New York, where it also received wonderful notices. David Tennent is in their Bushwick studio, preparing to load in the next show they’re designing.

Projection designer Alex Koch on Imagery and ‘Invisible Man’

The Boston Globe, January 5th, 2013

“Invisible Man” projection designer Alex Koch, 30, is a founder of Brooklyn, N.Y.-based design group Imaginary Media Artists. Recently, at the Huntington Theatre Company, he sat down to talk about the show.